Loving Jesus. Growing together.
Reaching Yorkshire and the nations

God has always had a plan.

From the moment the world was created He has been on a mission to show His love and care for the earth and people He created. The key moment in this plan was the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And now, as Jesus' followers, the mission has been given to us. Jesus calls us to love Him, let everyone know about who he is, show them what real relationship and community looks like and then keep going until everyone has heard.

That is what we are doing as a church – Loving Jesus. Growing together. Reaching Yorkshire and the Nations.

We know that we are first loved by Jesus, and we respond by loving him. We spend time getting to know him by reading the Bible, worshipping and listening to his voice.

We are a church family, and each member is valuable and loved. We encourage, support and challenge each other to keep doing all God has called us to.

We show and tell the world around us about the good news of Jesus - from the Aire Valley to the ends of the earth!