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‘Here by Chance or Created?’ A fun, free night out with John Wilson of York Gateway and FREE COFFEE*

date17th January 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' This is the very first line of the bible. Do you believe it? People from all walks of life have questions regarding this statement. The bible tells us that God created the world in six days. Do you believe this? What if there was somewhere you could go to hear explanations about these biblical statements and discuss the possibilities? Would you go? If you do believe the bible do you know someone who doesn't or isn't sure? Would you invite them to such an event? Well here is your opportunity. Download an invitation HERE to print or email to a guest. Of course you are most welcome to come without a guest too!   

Whether you are well established in your faith, a new christian, asking a few questions about this God malarky or have never set foot in a church, this event is for you! 

We invite you to join us (and feel free to bring a guest) at Costa Coffee in Shipley next Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 7.30pm. You'll be greeted and offered a free drink before finding a seat and making yourself comfortable. The evening will officially begin around 7.45pm with brief introductions from our church leader at City Valley, Stew Morris. John Wilson, leader of Gateway Church in York, will then be presenting the short talk 'Here by Chance or Created' and will be joined by Alistair around 8.15pm to answer any questions, followed by open discussion in the room.

'Here by Chance or Created' is a wonderful opportunity to explore our beliefs in a safe environment without fear of judgement. We are really excited about this fun, relaxed evening exploring the first book of the bible, Genesis and all it has to say about 'In the beginning...' 

The evening should come to a close just before 9pm but if you are thirsty for more, fear not as we look to continue exploring this subject throughout our Sunday morning meetings at City Valley throughout February.

If you haven't been to City Valley before, rest assured there is no pressure to attend these meetings but we are a warm, friendly, lively church and we look forward to welcoming any one who wishes to join us. Check out our church website for more information at  

*Costa have kindly allowed us one free coffee or alternative drink per attendee. 

Control - The Sixth Rock in the Stream

date15th January 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

Before Christmas, we were studying the book 'Sustainable Power' by Simon Holley, both in our Sunday morning meetings and our smaller connect group gatherings. In his book, Holley talks about rocks in the streams and rivers of our hearts and lives that can block the flow of power from the Holy Spirit. God wants to work in our lives to his full extent and we need to remove these obstacles in order to recieve that great loving power. This week we picked up where we left off and continued the series.

Mark Cowley gave the talk this Sunday on what Holley calls 'The Sixth Rock': 'Control.' Mark began by looking at what control means in our lives today and historically. He challenged us to look at what the bible says about control. 

During the talk Mark walked us through the Gospels and the book of Galatians and looked at key figures who were asked to follow Jesus and were obedient. We looked at what it means to follow Jesus and how following Jesus in essence means it is impossible to follow another at the same time. Overall the talk concluded that Christ gives us freedom from Religious control, freedom to worship and freedom to follow and be obedient to him. That is to say that following is not always easy and we are instructed to 'take up our cross' and follow Jesus. 

Listen to this penultimate talk in the 'Sustainable Power' series in full, HERE

You can also find the previous talks in the series via these links... 

Rock 1: Self reliance

Rock 2: Fear

Rock 3 : Disappointment

Rock 4 : Judgement

Rock 5 Unbelief 

City Valley Church is a lively, charasmatic Church. We meet every Sunday morning at 10.30 at Titus Salt school, Higher Coach Road, Baildon. Please join us, all are welcome. We are currently following God's call to branch out with further meetings along the Aire Valley. If you feel God speaking to you about this please share this with us either in our weekly meetings or drop us an email at 

Prophetic promises for 2018

date9th January 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

Happy New Year! 

This Sunday we had the wonderful opportunity to baptise two members of our church. We heard their testimonies and it was hugely encouraging to hear and witness what God is doing within our chuirch family. 

I always feel it is particularly wonderful to see the children in our family really taking in the baptisms. Gathering around and drinking in what the spirit is doing in other peoples lives. 

Prior to the actual baptisms we heard from Stew about the vision of the church. The promise of the church expanding in the Aire Valley is still very much over us. Stew talked of how God can make this work and the exciting prospect that people who are not yet christians will play key roles in bringing this prophetic word to fruition. 

The importance of sharing encouraging prophetic words, pictures and individual testimonies week to week is so important to the growth and development of the church family that the decision has been taken to reduce the main talk slightly on Sundays to allow time at the end of worship to share. The church invites individuals to publicly share the experiences they may have had both in the meeting and throughout the week. 

Stew and Gaynor both shared their prophecy surrounding the church family as a whole and as individuals. Vivid pictures of trusting in Gods promises in order to release us from the enemy and allow us to grow and strengthen in Christ.

Download the podcast HERE and listen for yourself to the prophetic messages shared. 

CHURCH IS CLOSED - Sunday 31st December 2017

date27th December 2017
authorLaura Baldwin

All of us at City Valley hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year. 

We are closed this Sunday the 31st December 2017 and therefore there is no meeting.

Our regular Sunday meetings will return from Sunday 7th January 2018 beginning with a special baptism service. We meet at 10.30am at Titus Salt School, Shipley.

Acts 2:38 'Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'

If you are insterested in being baptised please contact the church office to discuss.  

City Valley usually meet Sunday mornings at 10.30am in Shipley and we are currently following God's call to branch out along the Aire Valley. If you feel God guiding you to help this happen with a one off donation or even a regular commitment to help please get in touch with Matt by emailing;

Where is Joy? - (Christmas at City Valley, Part Two.)

date21st December 2017
authorLaura Baldwin

In the hustle and bustle that is this week with the run up to Christmas, it is easy to get caught up in the flow and lose sight of why we celebrate Christmas. On Sunday we heard from Mike Sprenger of Hope church, Harrogate. Mike is a frequent visitor to City Valley and always most welcome. Mike brought to us a talk on everlasting ‘Joy’ and where we can find it in this world. Reading from, Luke 2: 8-19, the account of the angel Gabriel appearing to the shepherds as they tended to their flock overnight.  

You can listen to Mike’s talk HERE.

You can also listen to part one of our Chrsitmas at City Valley 'Where is Comfort?' by Dave Nobbs HERE. 

Next week is our Christmas Eve service at 10.30am. We will be celebrating a family service of traditional carols and modern worship. We'll also be opening our third advent present and talking about the gift inside.

Please join us and feel free to invite a friend. 

City Valley meet Sunday mornings at 10.30am in Shipley and we are currently following God's call to branch out along the Aire Valley. If you feel God guiding you to help this happen with a one off donation or even a regular commitment to help please get in touch with Matt by emailing;

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