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Our new blog format will no longer share the podcast every week. The podcast link will still be shared directly to Facebook within two days of it being recorded. We strive to post weekly on the blog which will include upcoming events, reviews of christian events, books and songs and general church news. Posts will usually be published Tuesday each week. 

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Snowed in again? Snow problem!

date20th March 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

With the return of the 'beast from the east' we decided that whilst it was safe to open for the meeting there may be many who might not be able to attend and therefore we took the decision to postpone Gaynors talk and enjoy God's presence with warm refreshments BEFORE and after the meeting! What a treat! What a privilege it is to be able to worship Jesus wherever we are.

Whether you made it to the meeting or were snowed in its important to remember that God made us to have a relationship with Him wherever we are. We can enjoy God's presence, walk and talk with him everyday in every way and how wonderful it is that we have no constraints. How did you spend time with God on Sunday and throughout this week? We have some great church events coming up that allow us to spend time in God's presence together as a church family.

This Wednesday 21st March is Revive Yorkshire at Gateway church, Leeds. See the flyer in the website banner for more details.

We have our regular connect groups at various locations throughout the week for our church family members.

Easter is fast approaching. Join us for our Easter meetings. Good Friday (30th March 2018) and Easter Sunday (1st April 2018). We welcome the opportunity to baptise members of our family on this Holy of days, Easter Sunday! If you are considering baptism please contact a member of the leadership team or email the church office and have have a chat. We would love to talk to you about this. 

Our next Alpha course is due to begin in April and we are hosting an 'Intro to Alpha' on Tuesday 17th April at saltaire canteen. Check out the Alpha page on our website for more details.

Our youth are invited to attend Newday Festival again this year. Please speak to the church office if you are interested in this..

Whilst we've lots more in store before August but it is worth mentioning now that our church weekend away trip has been replaced with a church trip to devoted festival 24th - 27th August 2018. We are really looking forward to this trip. To worship, learn and enjoy fellowship as a church family for a whole weekend, what a blessing. There is a price break on 31st March on tickets which include camping so get yours over at the christ Central website ASAP to benefit from the lower rate.

Devoted Festival 

We hope you have a blessed week.

Ephesians Chapter 1&2 - Stew Morris

date15th March 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

This Sunday our very own Stew Morris talked to us about our new connect group season. For those new to City Valley or friends not yet met, our connect groups are small groups that meet in homes during the week to follow a series/book/theme about God's word. We discuss and pray and sometimes worship together. This fellowship helps us remain connected in our lives as a church family and not just on Sundays. We help each other in tough times and celebrate together in the good. Connect groups are for the church family and are available in different areas of the region at different times. If you consider yourself to be a member of the City Valley church family please consider joining a connect group. You can speak to any of the leadership team about this or email 

Connect groups take place in seasons with breaks in between. As this new season approaches we looked at how the format of connect groups has had a refreshing change. Connect groups that reach out into the community will be called Connect & Reach groups. Connect groups that involve fellowship will be called 'Connect & Send'. The main aim being to support a different member of the group each time you meet. That person will be prayed for and sent out into their week, with the fullness of the spirit upon them and the support of their church family alongside them. 

Stew talked about praying for each other as a family and the importance of laying on hands. As a church many of us often feel out of our comfort zone with church practices and the laying on of hands in prayer and healing can be one of those difficult times. Stew reminded us of how the act is present throughout biblical teaching and is not just a 'religious act' or 'a City Valley thing'. Whilst the Bible does not command it, indeed healing, gifts of the spirit and prophecy are often transferred without the need for laying on of hands, the practice does run throughout God's word. Jesus used it often and as such it is important that we follow this practice wherever possible. Stew encouraged us as a church to practice this act of commumion with God in prayer during our connect groups in this new season. 

You can catch up with this weeks meeting by visiting the podcast area of the website; HERE. What an exciting time to see how we are blessed further as a church and individually as we support each other in prayer. 

If you have any questions about this topic please speak to Stew or Gaynor or your connect group leader. 

From next week we will be changing the format of our blog a little. We will no longer be sharing the podcast every week on the blog but will post the link directly to Facebook. Of course the podcast will remain available via the website however the blog will remain an area with a weekly post that includes upcoming events and news, news and events from other churches, reviews of talks/guest speakers/special events,books & other resources and general information sharing. We hope you enjoy our posts and please feel free to share them with your friends, family and colleagues. 


How we laughed!

date8th March 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

A market town coffee shop, a nationally recognised comedian, a room full of people of all ages and backgrounds and fish and chips wrapped in paper. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing that's what. What a fantastic night was had by all. Andy was outstanding in his delivery and had the room roaring with laughter.

Engaging with his audience on a personal level whilst maintaining an air of professionalism, Andy was hilarious. Cracking jokes about married life, parenting, taking his comedy on the road and the north-south divide, everybody was in stitches. For a Christian comedian there were certainly a few 'near to the bone moments' but these were perfectly timed and only enhanced the delivery of the set. 

The evening drew to a close with Andy finishing his set and returning to his 'green room' (a chair in the corner visible to all) to compose himself for his encore (the serious bit about alpha). Still very funny, obviously unavoidable to someone like Andy, to whom comedy is clearly second nature, he gave a fantastic speech on what Alpha is and more importantly why everyone should take part in an Alpha course.

Explaining how Christianity is the only religion that follows a God that loves us unconditionally thus giving us free will to choose, Andy went on to explain that Alpha exists to help everybody find out what being a Christian, ‘actually’ is. He ended on the note "You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why wouldn't you." Andy had the whole room cheering before he returned to his 'green room' once more, donned his woolly hat and began texting who we can only presume was his wife or maybe his father. We may be wrong, he may have been ordering an Uber or a take away for his journey home back to Manchester, we will never know. 

The Alpha course Andy was talking about is a course run world-wide to help people answer some of life's deep questions and to help people understand what Christianity is about. It is run by Christians for anybody and everybody is welcome. City Valley's next Alpha course begins in April 2018 and we are hosting an Intro to Alpha night. If you are interested, please text Stew on 07722682568 or email for more information.  

Or visit our website to find out more about our next Alpha course HERE

To find out more about Andy Kind and to book him for your event check out his website HERE. You can also follow him on Twitter; @andykindcomedy 

Exploring Genesis - Part Five

date8th March 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

John Wilson of Gateway Church, York, completed our five-part series 'Exploring Genesis' and what an important talk it was. You can catch up on this series and all of our past talks on the podcast section of the website.  

If you would like to catch up on our talks in this series here are the direct links... 

Exploring Genesis - Here by Chance or Created? 

Exploring Genesis - Part One

Exploring Genesis - Part Two 

Exploring Genesis - Part Three

Exploring Genesis - Part Four

Exploring Genesis - Part Five 

If you are new to City Valley or you have yet to visit us and have been listening via our podcasts, we'd love to meet you. We are holding an Alpha course in April and would like to invite you along to our 'Alpha Intro Night'

If you think Alpha might be for you, you really have nothing to lose, send us a text, email or give us a quick call. We really would love to have you with us. 


Exploring Genesis - Part Four

date28th February 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

John Wilson returned this Sunday (25th February 2018) to deliver his penultimate talk on the first book of the Bible, Genesis. 

You can download & listen to John's talk HERE. 

You can also catch up on the rest of the talks in this series and others on our website page; 'podcasts'

Please join us for our final talk in this series which has been truly fascinating, next Sunday 4th March 2018. John will be concluding the series followed by refrechments served after the meeting as usual. All welcome. 


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