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Prophetic promises for 2018

date9th January 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

Happy New Year! 

This Sunday we had the wonderful opportunity to baptise two members of our church. We heard their testimonies and it was hugely encouraging to hear and witness what God is doing within our chuirch family. 

I always feel it is particularly wonderful to see the children in our family really taking in the baptisms. Gathering around and drinking in what the spirit is doing in other peoples lives. 

Prior to the actual baptisms we heard from Stew about the vision of the church. The promise of the church expanding in the Aire Valley is still very much over us. Stew talked of how God can make this work and the exciting prospect that people who are not yet christians will play key roles in bringing this prophetic word to fruition. 

The importance of sharing encouraging prophetic words, pictures and individual testimonies week to week is so important to the growth and development of the church family that the decision has been taken to reduce the main talk slightly on Sundays to allow time at the end of worship to share. The church invites individuals to publicly share the experiences they may have had both in the meeting and throughout the week. 

Stew and Gaynor both shared their prophecy surrounding the church family as a whole and as individuals. Vivid pictures of trusting in Gods promises in order to release us from the enemy and allow us to grow and strengthen in Christ.

Download the podcast HERE and listen for yourself to the prophetic messages shared.