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City Valley is not just a church, it’s a family. We are God's household. It can be a busy place, church. You may be serving behind the scenes or with the children’s work on Sunday mornings or you may have been unwell or unable to attend the meetings for another reason. As a church, we don't want any of our family to miss anything and so we plan to make events and talks as accessible as possible. Sunday morning talks are recorded and uploaded to the podcast area of the website every week (scroll down the page for older podcasts). We aim to post a quarterly catch up with links to podcasts, speaker references, resources, and feedback from events and notices.  

The blog also features posts from time to time about news and information relevant to City Valley, the wider church, our family of churches in Christ Central which is part of the New Frontiers movement.

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April at City Valley

date1st May 2018
authorLaura Baldwin

It is the first day of May 2018 and whilst we have had a sprinkling of sunny days it does sometimes feel like winter will never end as we continue to await spring's arrival. That said, the lambs are being born, the clocks have leaped forward giving us lighter nights and the seasons are turning. April has been a busy month with some powerful meetings, effervescent with God's presence. Here's a rundown of what's been happening at City Valley...

Sunday 1st April - He Is Risen

Easter Sunday morning is always a joyous occasion following our Good Friday meeting. We remembered the sacrifice and celebrated the resurrection on this happy day. Stew brought to us the biblical account of what happened after the crucifixion. The stone had been rolled away and what happened next changed the world forever. You can hear Stew's talk HERE. Stew read mainly from the book of Mark, Chapter 16 verses 1-7. After Stews talk we also had the pleasure of baptising two members of our family. It was a wonderful meeting and what a great way to kick start the month of April! 

Sunday 8th April - We Are People of the Spirit

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming back a returning speaker and much-loved part of our family, Mike Sprenger of Hope Church, Harrogate. Speaking mainly from the book of Ephesians, Chapter 1 verses 18-20 Mike was so overcome by the Spirit that the meeting took a slightly different turn when he had to abandon the remainder of the planned message and, welcome the very present Holy Spirit. Feeling incredibly moved by the spirit, many others felt compelled by their sin and convicted to step out and respond to God's calling. The whole meeting became a response very much, proving we are indeed - 'People of the Spirit'. You can listen to the very powerful meeting HERE. Other references also included 1 Sammuel:24 and John 16:8)  

Tuesday 9th April - Connect Groups 

We are well into our second month of this season's fortnightly connect groups. For those unaware, City Valley Connect groups are small groups of the church family that usually meet in someone’s home to study, pray, worship with and support each other in our time between Sunday meetings. This season our Connect groups have taken a slightly different turn and we are adopting a 'Connect & Send' approach. We are getting to know each other better and praying for each other and the people we meet in our everyday lives. It's an exciting time and many people have been blessed by this approach. If you are a member of the city valley church family (you've attended 'exploring city valley' and you feel this is where God has placed, you) and have not yet joined a connect group then please do speak to one the leadership team or email the office. Connect groups are for those who feel they have found their forever church family. If you are not sure, are new or want to know more about City Valley then please do contact the church office for more information of upcoming welcome meals and exploring city valley days. 

Sunday 15th April 2018 - God's Heart for the Poor 

You may have already heard of the CAP Job Club we have been hosting on Monday lunchtimes in Shipley. The club is hosted by Job Club manager Mike Betts and he has a team of volunteers from City Valley who have all stepped up and answered the calling to help in this ministry. This Sunday we heard from City Valley's own Viv (who works for CAP) about God's love for those less fortunate and how we can answer the call to love the poor. We heard testimonies from Agnes who answered the call to help at the job club and how she has been blessed beyond her own expectations. Catch up with Viv's talk HERE

Tuesday 17th April 2018 - Alpha Course 

On Tuesday 17th we hosted an Intro to Alpha night as a precursor to our upcoming Alpha Course on the 24th April. You may have heard about our Alpha courses on our blog or via our social media. Alpha is an internationally acclaimed course run by churches to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss some of life's big questions in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Anyone and everyone is welcome. It's not too late to join us. If you missed the intro night or the first week of the course, we would be happy for you to come along tonight (Tuesday 1st May.) Full details can be found on our website HERE

Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Being Family

Continuing with the theme of City Valley as a family Stew read from the book of Ephesians Chapter 2 verse 19, examining how Nehemiah was immovable in his understanding that he had a great calling that he must complete. Stew reminded us that as Christians we too have a calling, a job to do; The Great Commission. Stew continues, quoting Neil Bartlett and many other esteemed scholars on the theory that Christians experience three conversions in their spiritual journey. Conversion to Christ, Conversion to the local church and Conversion to mission. He talked about the importance of the conversion to local church, to a family, the difference between church and business, church and a club or hobby. You can never be made redundant or cast out because of lack of uniform or for being poor or unwell. You are always welcome in God's household. You can hear Stew's talk in its entirety HERE. References also included; 1 Peter 4:9, Matt 12:48 and Matthew 28.      

Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Parenting 

After the collective worship in the main hall and the children were safely in their groups the parents were able to attend the first of two parenting sessions led by Graham and Daryl Anns of Christ Central, Manchester. After the session parents collected their children before enjoying lunch with the remainder of the church family. After the shared lunch a second parenting session was available as the children were cared for with an option of a movie or some outdoor games and activities. The kids had a blast whilst their parents gained support in their roles as mums and dads. The day was a great success and feedback so far has been positive. Slides are available via Gaynor if you were unable to attend the sessions and for those interested in further courses please speak to Joy Cowley. 

Sunday 29th April 2018 - How Can we Give More of Ourselves to God.

Thomas read the Bible from the book of Malachi chapter 3 verses 6-12 and Luke chapter 6 verse 38. Unpacking the verses read by Thomas, Gaynor used some personal stories of real experiences of God's promise to provide not just enough but an overflowing provision for those who trust in him. Important issues we as a church must address in our walk with Jesus as children of God. You can listen to Gaynor's talk in full HERE. Gaynor also recommended some reading material listed below; 

'The Treasure Principle' - Randy Accorn (There are several copies available free of charge. Please contact a member of the church staff if you would like one or pick one up next week)

'Matthew' - Phil Moore 

'Dirty Glory' - Pete Greig 

Throughout April our children have been learning lots in their groups. The Adventurers have been looking at the themes 'I am wealthy' - Acts 3:1-10 and talking about other ways we are wealthy that we can share, 'Being sad with God' (Compassion), 'I can ask for others' ( Intercession) and 'Healing' - Mark 2:1-12 and looking at why people are not always healed. Some great conversations were had and the topic of healing particularly, will be running throughout sessions over the coming months. 

So now that brings us up to May! Can you believe how quickly we are racing through this year?! Come back and check out our end of May catch up post on the blog and in the meantime why not follow our Facebook page for important announcements, updates, news and day-to-day Bible quotes and humour.  

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