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Loving Jesus. Growing together. Reaching Yorkshire and the nations

From the moment the world was created God has been on a mission to show His love and care for the earth and people He created. The key moment in this plan was the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And now, as Jesus' followers, the mission has been given to us! Jesus calls us to love Him, let everyone know about who He is, show them what real relationship and community looks like and then keep going until everyone has heard.

That is what we are doing as a church – Loving Jesus. Growing together. Reaching Yorkshire and the Nations.

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Why we gather in multiple locations

We are one one church family gathering in three locations - we have sites  in Shipley, Airedale and Bradford City Centre. Being part of a smaller gathering means that it is easier to build meaningful relationships as well as serve our local communities more effectively.

Each site has its own personality but we believe we can do more together than we can apart, so you will see all the sites working together as one family to build each other up, praying for and serving  each other.

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City Valley Airedale meets in Eastburn Primary school and in people's homes. We feel God has called us to care for our community and to share Jesus’ love with those around us.

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City Valley Bradford (also known as The Spring) meets at the Millside Centre and in people's homes. We want to share Jesus' good news with people from all backgrounds across the city.

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City Valley Shipley meets at Northcliffe Church and in people's homes. We believe that God loves the communities we are part of, and we want to share Jesus’s good news with them.

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Vision and values

If you want to know more about us, check out our vision and values page which will tell you more about how City Valley started, what being part of the church looks like and what we feel Jesus is calling us to in the future.

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What we believe

We believe we are all built for relationships. Relationships with friends, family, partners but most of all, with God. A relationship with a loving God is on offer for every single one of us, no matter how good or bad we feel we are!

When we choose this relationship with God we become a Christian. As Christians we follow the teachings of Jesus and live our lives in obedience and relationship with Him. When we become a Christian we may look the same on the outside, but something has forever changed on the inside. 

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance  and share their basis of faith. If you want to know more about what it means to follow Jesus, we would love to chat with you. 

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What we teach

We believe that the Bible is a gift from God - His words, written down for us. It’s not a collection of myths or folk stories – it tells about things that actually happened and about people who actually lived.

Most importantly, we believe that the Bible tells us about who God is. It’s through the words of the Bible that we read about Jesus, who He is, what He did for us, and the difference that He makes in our lives.

There are many ways that we make time together to look at God’s word, including our Sunday gatherings and smaller groups.

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Children and Youth

At City Valley, our passion is that every child knows how much God loves them, and is able to share His love with their friends and those around them.

We are committed to helping our children and their families grow in their love for Jesus and His church.

Find out more about what this looks like on each sites webpage. 

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