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You are really welcome with City Valley Bradford. We are also known as The Spring, because we know that Jesus wants to bring hope and life to the wilderness of the world. We are on an exciting journey, learning to be followers of Jesus who can lead others to discover the life He promises. As they also lead others, we have a vision of seeing small groups accessible to all neighbourhoods across the city. Do join us in seeking God’s joy and peace for people in all communities across Bradford.

We are also increasingly enjoying closer relationships with other churches in Bradford wanting to see the same things.

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Our weekly rhythm contains a mix of some weeks when smaller groups meet to read the Bible and encourage one another, and other weeks when groups join together in a larger setting. We all come together once or twice a month at the Millside Centre in the heart of Bradford, on a Sunday afternoon.

Check out when we are next there in our ‘coming up’ section.

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Children and Youth

We love to involve children throughout our times together, encouraging those who can to take part. Sometimes, we also lead dedicated activities for them in another room. Parents/guardians have the main role with their children, but we often arrange a focussed group or activity to help them engage and provide a separate space with toys for younger children. We love the children contributing actively as we gather, but know well from experience that is not all children, all of the time!

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